Working timber samples, built to scale, for testing your design prior to manufacture. Avoid costly errors.

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Scale Timber Mock-ups

Save money and downtime by creating scale timber mock-ups to check your dimensions prior to any large investment.

We are delighted to provide full-size and scale timber mock-ups & models for study, testing or display.

By commissioning a working sample, you can review the size, scale or design of a piece of equipment, ensure all measurements are accurate, check that it fits the available space and that everything is in the correct proportions, before investing in the actual build.

Save Time & Money

Mock ups can be used for:

  • Large Engineering and Project Planning simulations
  • Safe working concerns and access restrictions
  • Industrial disputes
  • Providing Risk and Method statement models

You can take the mock-up offshore and check its dimensions on-site on your vessel or platform.

By avoiding the construction of ill-fitting equipment, you can save time, manpower and downtime as well as money – our mock-ups have saved thousands, if not millions, of pounds for clients.

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  • Advanced Certification ISO 14001:2015 - UKAS 8872